annual care

After purchasing annuals from our garden center the best thing to do is get them acclimated to the outside weather. The best way is to place them on a deck or porch up against the house. This will let them harden off without the wind affecting them. After 2-3 days it is ok to put the annuals where desired. This is very important for large hanging baskets. Let hanging baskets get used to being outside for 2-3 days before hanging.


When planting annuals into containers always use a peat potting soil. Top soil should not be used. This is a great time to mix in a time released fertilizer and plant starter. It is important not to plant the annuals deeper than the soil they are grown in.

When planting annuals into the ground, prepping the soil is the most important step. Always use a compost and or peat to help loosen and increase the quality of the soil. You will do this by tilling amendments into the soil. Once the bed is ready it is important to not plant your annuals deeper than the soil that they are grown in. This is a great time to add plant starters and mix-in-time release fertilizer.

Annuals that are in containers and in sunny areas are most likely to need watered everyday to every other day. All large foliage hanging baskets will need watered daily. Plants in the ground will need watered 2-4 days a week depending on weather. We recommend to fertilize as often as you can, weekly is optimum.

We suggest using preventive insecticide and fungicide for annuals.

It is good for the plants to be trimmed to keep them from getting leggy. Regular pruning can also promote more blooms on many plants.

Ask our employees for recommendations on which annuals will work best for you and how to properly care for them.