statuary, fountains
and Pottery


Most of the statuary is fine with being left outside. The best thing is to spray the product with a clear coat spay to protect from the elements.


Most fountains are fine with being outside. It is good to spray the fountain with a clear coat spray to protect from the elements. To keep the fountains clean, there are environmentally safe products to use in the water. In the winter time it is good to take the pump out of the fountain and keep inside so that it does not freeze. It is also important to uses a fountain cover over the fountain. If that does not work you can open the drain hole in most of the fountains main bowl to let water run out.


If pottery is used outside it is important that it has a drain hole in it. If there is no drain hole then use rocks in the bottom for drainage. If not plants will drown. These containers should all be clear coat sprayed for protection. It is suggested for most pottery to be brought inside for winter for best protection. If it is not brought inside then make sure the container is off the ground so water can drain out of the drain hole.

Custom Container Gardening

We offer a special area where we can make-up containers for you or you can make your own container and leave the mess for us.  You can create your own design or use our container design books to give you ideas.