shrub and perennial


Dig the hole about 4” wider than the roots. Plant the item 1”-2” above the ground level. Backfill the hole with loose soil. We recommend mixing in top soil. We recommend at this time to use a plant starter to get the plant started off right. After the item is planted it is good to place 2” deep of mulch around the plant. We recommend watering the plant in after planting.

Watering and Maintaining
In the first year a typical shrub or perennial needs to be watered in the spring and summer 2 to 3 times a week depending on if it is in shade or full sun. Full shade plants may only need watered once a week. It is good after a month to start backing off the watering slightly to help the plant grow its root system. The best way to water is with a hose, and only water around the roots and not on the foliage. This will help prevent fungus. Also the best time to water is in the morning. After the first year the plants should only need watered during long dry spells.

It is good to fertilize in the spring and summer but not in the fall. We suggest fertilizing every 2 to 3 weeks or using a season long fertilizer.

To keep your plant looking in its best condition it is important to use preventive disease and insect control. Keep in mind that the spring and early summer is the best time to apply because that is when most problems happen.

The best time to prune your shrub is right after it flowers. Most shrubs should not have more than one third of the foliage pruned. Remove perennial foliage in late March.