Dig the hole about 6” wider than the tree roots. Plant the tree 2”-4” above the ground level. If planting a Balled and Burlap tree remove any twine around the roots. Then pull back and cut off any burlap on top of the root ball. Leave the cage and lower burlap on to keep the roots intact. Backfill the hole with loose soil. We recommend mixing in top soil. Do not pile soil up on the trunk. Then take a hose and run water on top of where the loose soil is to water pack the soil.

We recommend at this time to use a plant starter to get the tree started off right. After the tree is planted it is good to place 2” deep of mulch on top of the roots. We recommend staking all container trees and only staking B&B trees if they lean in the wind.

Watering and Maintaining

Balled and Burlap Deciduous Trees need to be watered in the spring and summer 2-3 times a week with a hose on a slow trickle right at the roots for 5 minuets. In the fall and cooler times once a week the first year. Evergreen trees only need to be watered once a week for the first year. After the first year it is recommend to water in long periods of dry conditions.

Container Trees need to be watered more often with less water. In the spring and summer 3-4 times a week with a hose on full for 10-15 seconds. And in the fall 2 times a week at the same rate.

It is good to fertilize in the spring and summer but not in the fall. We suggest using a season lasting product in the spring that is a fertilizer, disease and insect control.