Additional Products


Keeping your lawn in tip top shape has never been easier with our 4 – Step Lawn Care System. This system allows you to have a carefree lawn throughout the growing season. Grass seed also available for new seeding lawns or overseeding. We carry a full line of fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides from Bayer products to Organic products. In addition, we also carry: Proven Winners® Plant Fertilizer, Deer Scram®, Liquid Fence®, and Repels All®.

Soil/OMA Gro®

There is a quality difference in soil – We choose the BEST! We stock small and large bags of grower quality soil, bulk top soil, and bagged top soil. We are also a provider of Oma-Gro®. Oma-Gro is a 100% natural organic soil amendment. Produced from domestic turf grass clippings, aged leaves, and ground wood, it is the natural choice for providing the nutrients that plants need for vigorous growth. When applied properly, Oma-Gro® will dramatically improve your soil’s growing potential.

Oma-Gro is only available only at the Papillion location.


Each year our landscaping department has bulk or bagged mulch as well as hardwood and chocolate rock.

Available only at the Papillion location.