When choosing shrubs for your landscape, you can count on the staff at Canoyer Garden Center to help you make the right choice.

We offer a large selection of shrubs, featuring Monrovia products that are selected and grown to the Canoyer standard. We believe in proper irrigation and fertilizing of our products to ensure a robust plant. A plant with the proper “head start” at the Garden Center, is a plant that will flourish in your landscape!

To name just a few shrubs in our inventory: Boxwood, Lilac, Sumac, Hydrangea, Shrub Roses, Butterfly Bushes, Viburnum, Buckthorn and many others. The staff at Canoyer Garden Center can help you choose from our inventory the shrubs that will compliment your landscape – whether it’s a new landscape or an existing one!

Get Growing With Canoyer’s!

Information about Monrovia

Since 1926, the name Monrovia® has been synonymous with Distinctively Better Premium Plants. What makes Monrovia plants the best in our industry is our process – part art, part science, all loving-care! We start with the best stock, raise each plant on a specially-formulated and nutrient-rich diet, and nurture and care for each plant by hand. Some varieties spend up to eight years under our care before arriving at your favorite garden center.

Our process continues to evolve – always improving and perfecting our growing techniques to produce the healthiest, hardiest, most beautiful plants with the highest standards in our industry.

We adhere to our Healthy Start Philosophy: Start with the best stock to end with the best plant. Genetically superior specimens that exceed the industry norm are resourced from all over the world for better appearance, longevity, hardiness, pest resistance, and easy care.

All Monrovia plants are nurtured and cared for by hand by our highly-skilled and specially-trained Horticultural Craftsmen. Plants are pruned several times at all stages of maturity to ensure each plant grows to the specified fullness or “spread” that Monrovia plants are known for.

Every element of a plant’s upbringing is scrutinized – from propagation and canning to watering, fertilizing, and pruning. Each plant must be disease-free, have a healthy root system, and meet Monrovia’s high quality standards for size, foliage, color, and number of blooms, or it will not be approved for shipment. Only the healthiest, hardiest, peak performers are selected.
(Information provided by Monrovia)